ECPMF Conference

ECPMF Conference "Defending the truth in a post-truth era"

We invite you to Leipzig to exchange new ideas and tools for fighting fakes. – Tuesday-Wednesday, 13/14 June 2017 more information

Das Feindbild II – Journalistische Selbstbehauptung und „Lügenpresse“

Das Feindbild II – Journalistische Selbstbehauptung und „Lügenpresse“

Die Zahl der politisch motivierten Angriffe auf Journalisten in Deutschland geht seit Ende 2015 wieder zurück. Das ist leider kein Grund zur Entwarnung. Auch im Jahr 2016 wurden 19 Journalisten gewaltsam angegriffen. Dazu kamen unzählige Bedrohungen, Beleidigungen und Sachbeschädigungen.more information

France: How journalists fought fake news in tight race

France: How journalists fought fake news in tight race

An innovative project from the American think-and-do tank First Draft News has shed light on many murky aspects of the 2017 French presidential election campaign. In the CrossCheck project, journalists from a number of different newspapers and websites worked together to verify and examine claims from all sides of the political spectrum.more information

Russia: Putin satire blacklisted as

Russia: Putin satire blacklisted as "extremist material"

A Russian central district court has forbidden a cartoon showing President Vladimir Putin as a drag queen. Together with 4,000 other pieces of content, the picture is now on a list of supposedly extremist material. This means further censorship on Russian platforms.more information

Whistleblowing to the press in Kosovo

Whistleblowing to the press in Kosovo

Effective collaboration between whistleblowers and journalists is key to the exposure of weak institutions or those that are beset by nepotism or special interests. In such cases, internal mechanisms for exposing issues of public interest are generally dysfunctional, while external mechanisms such as taking cases through justice institutions might cost the whistleblower their job.more information

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“It is high time to stop violence against journalists!”

Press Release
We hereby express our deep concerns about the violent attacks on 27 April against journalists in the parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, among other media freedom violations.more information

Fears and hopes for Turkey after Erdoğan's victory

The referendum was not on the constitution but on Erdoğan: the country now appears divided between those who love him and those who are against him. Read the interviewmore information

If you don’t agree with something, you speak up for it.

An app deisgned by the Turkish-British Alp Toker has been honoured with a Freedom of Expression prize. It aims to beat back censorship and the online blocking of critical journalists in Turkey.more information

EU copyright directive: Licensing and remuneration of journalists

Better contracts, more transparency in payments and a fair share of remuneration for journalists: these are on top of the agenda for the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) in the latest consultation on the EU copyright directive. more information

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