Media Award

In cooperation with the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig, ECPMF will develop the Foundation’s international “Prize for the Freedom and the Future of the Media” and establish it as a “European Prize for the Freedom and the Future of the Media”.

2001 Leipzig Media Foundation has been awarding the existing prize to journalists, authors, organisations and media houses. The Leipzig Media Award is meant to honour journalists, publishers, authors and institutions from all over the world who dedicate themselves to ensuring and developing the freedom of the press by demonstrating willingness to take risks, strong personal commitment, persistence, courage and democratic conviction. The media award refers to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. By attracting public attention, the award wishes to encourage them, and to encourage everyone else to help and protect them. 

The list of laureates from the past years is evidence of the desire to broadly defend and promote freedom of expression and the press on a European and international level. Among others The Guardian, Glenn Greenwald, Fabrizio Gatti, Oleg Kashin, Alan Johnston, Gideon Levy, La Voz de Galizia, Anna Politkovskaya (our picture shows her at the award ceremony) and Seymour Hersh have all been awarded this prize.

The “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” is endowed with €30,000. Proposals for candidates can be made directly to the Media Foundation of Sparkasse Leipzig. A brief and informal explanation and the CV of the suggested candidate should be sent to: