Transeurope Conference: Unite the East in Italy

Twenty years after Balkan wars, think tank looks back

It’s twenty years since the warring parties in former Yugoslavia signed the Dayton Peace Accords. And ECPMF’s partner Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC) is reflecting on the conflict and its legacy. The online news portal has published photojournalism essays and reportage, marking the anniversary and profiling some of the people who are still  suffering like the women of Srebrenica, a UN safe haven where thousands of Bosnian Muslim were massacred.

At the Transeurope Conference in Rovereto, where OBC is based, the EU Commission’s DG Connect and the Council of Europe’s President of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities will join the debates.


The heart of the conference explores current challenges in media freedom in Europe. Since free media are an obligatory condition for democracy, and for EU membership, there is a need for common European regulations in the media sphere. Editors and media practitioners from Turkey, Bulgaria and many Balkan states, also academics and EU Commission officials will debate this problem.


Another workshop, “Refugees along the Balkan Route” is trying to give an answer to the question “What can Europe do?”, not taking the erection of fences or the sealing of borders as an effective and legitimate solution. The Danish Refugee Council, journalists, politicians and scientific expert will work with the participants on ways for civil society to better deal with the crisis.


OBC has published a dossier about the Balkan route

Under the heading “Twenty Years after Dayton” the European intervention in conflicts will be discussed. So that lessons may be learned from history for European interaction after the Balkan experience, the conduct of the EU in current conflicts like those in the Ukraine or in Turkey will be analysed.


OBC celebrate the 15th anniversary

After the workshops and discussions, OBC will take the opportunity to invite its guests to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the think tank and its ongoing commitment to civil society movements in Europe.

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