"This is my truth - tell me yours" - the forensics of fake news

ECPMF  |  28.04.2017

Books fake news_900X600

by Jane Whyatt

You probably remember the phrase, “This is my truth – tell me yours!“ Its history reminds us that fake news is not new and that politics is a battle of beliefs.

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“It is high time to stop violence against journalists!”

ECPMF  |  28.04.2017

Joint ECPMF Fact-finding mission in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 25th-28th April 2017

We hereby express our deep concerns about the yesterday‘s violent attacks against journalists in the parliament of the Republic of Macedonia.

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CoE report: A decade of attacks on journalists from member states

Threats  |  27.04.2017


by Ana Ribeiro

Over the past 10 years, violence and abuse have skyrocketed against media workers and whistle-blowers from the 47 Council of Europe (CoE) member countries and Belarus – threatening their role as public watchdogs. Problems have multiplied and also diversified with the growing reach of the internet.

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Turkey Blocks: Censorship monitoring app nabs Digital Activism Award

Awards  |  25.04.2017

Alp Toker Turkey Blocks

by Jane Whyatt

An app deisgned by the Turkish-British Alp Toker has been honoured with a Freedom of Expression prize. It aims to beat back censorship and the online blocking of critical journalists in Turkey.

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Merkel support of NetzDG brings Germany one step closer to cyberhate ban

ECPMF  |  20.04.2017

Social Media_900

by Ana Ribeiro

Journalists' and civil rights organisations are signing and circulating a declaration against the passing of Germany’s Network Enforcement Law (NetzDG) as it is. Set to go to Parliament this summer, the law would subject social networks to up to €50 million in fines for failure to speedily curb hate speech and fake news.

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Erdoğan: Yücel extradition denied indefinitely, while referendum for more power passes

Threats  |  18.04.2017


by Ana Ribeiro

The ECPMF demands the immediate release of Deniz Yücel, held in a Turkish jail since last February, and condemns President Erdoğan’s affirmation that the Die Welt correspondent will not be returned to Germany for as long as he is in power. Considering the impending change to the Turkish Constitution, that could be a long time.

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France: Petition demands reforms to media law after pre-election death threats

Threats  |  14.04.2017

Paris 900X600

by Jane Whyatt

As French voters prepare to hit the polls, a petition is urging the next government to pass legal measures tackling the issue of press freedom. The campaign comes on the heels of politically-motivated death threats against journalists and magistrates.

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Mapping Media Freedom: Heartbreaking stories of violence

Threats  |  12.04.2017

Mapping Media Freedom 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

Index for Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom paints a grim map of Europe in its latest annual report. The monitoring platform in 2016 verified 1,387 instances of violence, threats and other violations of journalists’ rights in the EU and enlargement countries.

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Experts discuss how data can boost media freedom

ECPMF  |  06.04.2017

Connect 900X600

by Jane Whyatt

Many violations of media freedom and other journalists’ rights go unreported across Europe. Journalists don’t like to write about their own problems, and in most cases are justified to be afraid of speaking out. But we can also "listen" to the data available.

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FYROM: Political-motivated violence a threat to journalists

Threats  |  05.04.2017

FYROM flag_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro and Jane Whyatt

Journalists have been under attack in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

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UK: Is media dinosaur trying to swallow too much prey at once?

Threats  |  21.03.2017

Murdoch announces bid for Sky

by Jonas Rusche

Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s media regulator, is set to investigate Rupert Murdoch’s bid to buy out Sky plc. It will assess whether this would endanger news plurality in the country.

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Paul Lashmar on UK: "They want to close down journalistic access to intelligence and security sources"

Threats  |  17.03.2017

spy stories

by Jane Whyatt

In light of the UK Law Commission’s proposal for legislation that would treat whistleblowers as foreign spies and put convicted reporters in prison possibly for 14 years – among other rights violations – the ECPMF has interviewed University of Sussex’s Paul Lashmar at length.

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Joint oral statement on the UN Human Rights Council on the deterioration of freedom of expression and media freedom in Turkey

ECPMF  |  15.03.2017


UN Human Rights Council 34th Special Session
Item 4: Human rights situations that require the Council's attention

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Azeri journos, exiles and families threatened amid crushing of independent media

Threats  |  13.03.2017

Azerbaijan alarm_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

Rights violations in Azerbaijan – including against dissidents living in exile and their relatives at home – are intensifying and setting off loud alarm bells among the international community. It’s feared that the regime’s actions threaten the fragile state of independent media in the former Soviet country.

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#BeBoldForChange: Interview with Imane Rachidi

ECPMF  |  08.03.2017

Threats against women

by Jane Whyatt

Imane Rachidi, a reporter focusing on Europe as well as the Middle East, is based in Spain and the Netherlands and works in Arab countries. For International Women's Day, she tells the ECPMF about her painful experiences with sexism from sources and the public alike. 

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#BeBoldForChange: Interview with Alexandra Pascalidou

ECPMF  |  08.03.2017

Threats against women

by Jane Whyatt

For International Women's Day, the ECPMF has interviewed journalist Alexandra Pascalidou. She is a Swede of Greek heritage, a victim of and relentless fighter against hate speech in Sweden.

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#iComment: Verbal, written abuse as a troubling routine for women journalists

ECPMF  |  08.03.2017


by Ana Ribeiro, Jonas Rusche and Jane Whyatt

Female journalists suffer a disproportionate amount of online abuse, hate speech and other harassment compared to their male colleagues. But this has only recently begun to be quantified.

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Declaration of joint international emergency press freedom mission to Turkey

ECPMF  |  07.03.2017

international Delegation to Turkey 2017 re-sized

Following an international press freedom mission to Turkey on 27 February to 2 March 2017, the undersigned participants, representing six international free expression watchdog organisations, express severe concern about media freedom and respect for human rights and warn that the country’s democracy is under threat.

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Pegida - now the good news

ECPMF  |  02.03.2017

First the good news_900X600

by Jane Whyatt

Journalists under attack from right wing populist groups in Germany are fighting back – with words as their weapons. Reporters in Dresden have devised a stage play to convince audiences that journalists are professionals and can be trusted.

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Arrest of German Die Welt correspondent in Turkey causes alarm and outrage

Threats  |  28.02.2017


by Jane Whyatt and Ana Ribeiro

Europe’s media freedom community is united in condemning the arrest of Deniz Yücel, Turkey correspondent for the German national daily Die Welt. His reporting related to a minister's hacked e-mails has led to charges of “spreading propaganda in support of a terrorist organisation and inciting the public to violence.”

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Croatia: Petition aims to close down Serb minority publication

Threats  |  24.02.2017

Novosti 900X600

by Jane Whyatt

A right-wing group called “In the Name of the Family (INF)” has started a petition aiming to close down Novosti, a weekly magazine in Croatia. Novosti receives a state subsidy to serve the Serbian ethnic minority, but is widely read by all sections of society.

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The ECPMF's cooperative idea as part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage

ECPMF  |  23.02.2017

Map of Europe

by Katharina Mikulcak and Jane Whyatt

Germany's concept of cooperatives was included on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2016. The ECPMF is now an SCE (Societas Cooperativa Europaea), making its legal status match the values it has stood for from the start - a Europe-wide collaboration. … read more

In Croatia, journalists and citizens have a hard time accessing information which should be of public domain

Threats  |  21.02.2017

Archives Croatia


How does the "right to know" work in Croatia? Exactly three years ago we asked for information on a number of cases involving the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) without any result.

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ECPMF supports Albanian journalist facing €110,000 in damages for social media post

ECPMF  |  20.02.2017

Rama 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

In the latest instance of persecution against his media work in Albania, Artan Rama has been hit with a civil lawsuit demanding that he pay thousands of euros over a text published on his news programme’s Facebook page.

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IFJ partners with “Insurance for Journalists” for new worldwide coverage plan

Threats  |  14.02.2017

Insurance for Journalists_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has thrown its support behind an insurance scheme for journalists it says is more affordable and inclusive than others previously on the market.

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ECPMF financially supports case of Dutch freelancer thrown out of Turkey

ECPMF  |  09.02.2017

Iraky border

by Ana Ribeiro

One may think that foreign journalists working in Turkey have more protection than local ones, due to diplomatic protocols. That is not necessarily so, as Dutch freelancer Fréderike Geerdink – whose case the ECPMF is supporting – can attest.

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Ireland: time to act on media ownership

ECPMF  |  02.02.2017

Newsocracy flyers 900X600

by Jane Whyatt and Nora Wehofsits

Europe’s media freedom campaigners have sounded a warning over the state of Irish media. At the ECPMF’s Dublin debate #newsocracy2, Dr. Roderick Flynn (Dublin City University) outlined the high-risk factors: abuse of repressive libel laws, concentration of media ownership, and lack of access for minorities to mainstream media.

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Blockchain: From Bitcoin to news

ECPMF  |  02.02.2017


by ECPMF staff

Blockchain, the method behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, allows for the transfer of data in a safe way without any central control point (like banks are for money). It might also pave new ways for journalism.

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#iComment: Journalism organisations join EU fight against hate speech

ECPMF  |  01.02.2017

No Hate_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

In actively putting in mechanisms to quash hate speech in the public sphere, the European Commission (EC) is now funding campaigns by media organisations to educate journalists on how to build a fairer, more ethical narrative on different groups in light of the refugee crisis.

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Media ownership concentration and crisis in Romania

Threats  |  19.01.2017

Romanian flag parachute_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

Despite appearing diverse with its hundreds of news outlets, Romania’s media landscape is actually controlled by a handful of magnates. With many of them facing criminal charges, the future of journalism in this EU country becomes even more uncertain.

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Balkans in the lead in access to public information

ECPMF  |  12.01.2017

public access

Citizens in several Balkan countries have better access to public information than Germans, Danes and Austrians.

The new Danish government has promised to improve the law about access to public information. There is certainly room for improvement, as Denmark in an international benchmarking is far behind the leading countries. According to an analysis from the Canadian Centre for Law and Democracy we fi … read more

Turkey gets head of Kurdish news agency arrested in Belgium

Threats  |  11.01.2017

Turkey fortress_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

After restricting a German comedian’s freedom of speech over a satirical poem on President Erdoğan, the Turkish state's hand has reached even more firmly into the EU against the media - with the arrest of a Kurd in Belgium.

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Montenegro: Jovo Martinovic finally released from prison

ECPMF  |  05.01.2017

Jovo Martinovic

ECPMF welcomes the release of investigative journalist Jovo Martinovic. After almost one and a half year in detention, he will appear in court on 19 January 2017.

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Poles protest at new attacks on press freedom

Threats  |  20.12.2016

Protest Poland

Jane Whyatt

Polish journalists have been banned from entering the national parliament for two days after protestors on the streets of Warsaw, Wroclaw and other Polish cities. They were demonstrating against new rules limiting journalists’ access to the parliament (Sejm). In Warsaw the demonstrators blocked the street in front of the parliament building. Inside, Opposition MPs staged a sit-in.

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Poland: Censorship as a catalyst for political filmmaking?

Threats  |  14.12.2016

Polish flag 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

The tightening control of the Polish government on the media is likely to affect filmmaking, as experts discussed in the most recent DOK Leipzig festival. But precisely how this will play out is yet to be seen, and while some are fearful, others say there is nothing really new or surprising about the situation.

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"Turkey Purge" watch group keeps finger on crackdown pulse

Threats  |  14.12.2016

Turkey Purge screenshot 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

The hashtag #TurkeyPurge continues to trend internationally five months after the attempted coup in Turkey. One watch group with an online presence actually calls itself "Turkey Purge", dedicating its work to monitoring and exposing threats and human rights abuses reported in the country.

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#iComment: Germany’s on- and offline crusade against hate speech

ECPMF  |  09.12.2016

Germany Facebook 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

After cyberhate-related raids last summer, German authorities are pressing on against hate speech, with Justice Minister Heiko Maas perhaps as their most publicly active voice. One of their main targets is Facebook, and their efforts are getting quite a bit of media attention at home and abroad.

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Media in Serbia, someone says no

Threats  |  05.12.2016



Media lynchings, physical assaults, threats. This is what investigative journalists face in Vučić's Serbia. An interview with Branko Čečen, director of the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS).

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#iComment: Channeling the power of online masses to curb hate speech in Europe

ECPMF  |  01.12.2016

Stop funding Hate

by Ana Ribeiro

The battle over hate speech in the public sphere has reached a new level, as an online initiative hitting British tabloids in their pockets has gone viral and started to yield results. It is one of the movements seeking to cut off supply and demand from the hate wave by mobilising internet users. ECPMF spoke to the campaign’s founder about his aims.

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Quality journalism in times of crises | South East Europe Media Forum 2016

ECPMF  |  01.12.2016

South East Europe Media Forum 2016

By Anna Schmidt, SEEMO, and Michelle Trimborn

More than 400 Editors-in-Chief. media CEOs, media owners, experts and leading journalists from more than 25 countries gathered in Belgrade on 21 and 22 November to participate in this year’s South East Europe Media Forum (SEEMF). The event, organised by the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), Central European Initiative (CEI), South East and Central Europe PR Organisation (SECEPRO), International Institute - Inte … read more

Turkish artist shows one day in the media landscape in Germany

ECPMF  |  28.11.2016

Banu Cennetoglu

by Jane Whyatt and Ana Ribeiro

Most local newspaper publishers do not think of their papers as works of art.

But when “collected, indexed and bound,” they can be “both a unique reference library and an art object in which a day’s news is the material and the subject,” according to Turkish artist Banu Cennetoglu. Contemporary Art Dail … read more

Kaufholz on fake news: “The first job is to learn how to fight lies”

ECPMF  |  23.11.2016

Kaufholz in Belgrad

by Jane Whyatt
ECPMF Chair Henrik Kaufholz has delivered a stirring call for Europe’s journalists to defend the truth. He urges them to challenge and counter the viral spread of fake news with well-researched facts.

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Apply for: The awards for excellence in journalism

Awards  |  18.11.2016

European Press Prize

The European Press Prize will welcome entries for the 2017 edition from the 1st of November until the 16th of December.

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LuxLeaks: ECPMF provides financial support to court appeal by key whistleblower

ECPMF  |  17.11.2016

Antoine Deltour

by Ana Ribeiro

The ECPMF will support the case of French whistleblower Antoine Deltour with €1000, as he appeals his conviction by the Correctional Tribunal of Luxembourg. Deltour is one of three major figures who exposed irregular fiscal practices implicating Luxembourgish authorities, in what became known as LuxLeaks.

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DOK Leipzig: Turkish filmmakers discuss oppression - and engaging in its combat

ECPMF  |  14.11.2016

Protest Turkey Filmmaker at DokLeipzig

By Ana Ribeiro

Five Turkish film experts and directors participated in one of the public “Talk Specials” at this year’s DOK Leipzig, the city’s longest-running film festival. They discussed how filmmakers tackling controversial topics suffer from and navigate the tightening censorship environment in Turkey.

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#iComment: British media tackle comments sections

ECPMF  |  04.11.2016


by Ana Ribeiro

The vote on whether Britain should exit the European Union (notoriously nicknamed “Brexit”) has set off a wave of hate crimes in Britain. It represents the current nadir of a trend involving outspoken discrimination that sometimes goes beyond speech into physical violence. 

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ECPMF and media freedom community demand meeting with Turkish authorities

ECPMF  |  03.11.2016


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has added her weight to the protests from ECPMF and other media freedom organisations about the latest arrests in Turkey.
A coalition of fourteen independent organisations has signed a letter to the Turkish authorities demanding a meeting to urgently discuss the arrests of editors and journalists from the national newspaper Cumhuriyet.

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A tale of two Europes: Public Service Media and societies in transition

ECPMF  |  03.11.2016

Europe divided_900X600

by ECPMF staff

The European continent is still subdivided into two parts, due to the legacy from recent history. Experiences in some Eastern European countries today remind us of the pressing problems regarding Public Service Media (PSM) amid a transformation not yet completed.

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Kosovo: Documentary on war crimes leads to death threats against newspaper editor

Threats  |  28.10.2016

Leonard Kerquki

by Ana Ribeiro

Leonard Kerquki, editor of Kosovar newspaper Gazeta Express, has allegedly received hundreds of death threats after screening a documentary he co-produced on an underreported aspect of the Kosovo War of the 1990s.

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Hungary: Opposition newspaper closed, then sold

Threats  |  27.10.2016

Nepszabadsag - front page

by Sami Mawed

Nepszabadsag, one of the main political opposition newspapers in Hungary, has been sold just two weeks after its publication was unexpectedly suspended. The actions have left Hungarians in fear for the future of press freedom in the country.

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Turkey: State of emergency provisions violate human rights and should be revoked

ECPMF  |  24.10.2016


We, the undersigned organisations, recognise that the Turkish government has the right and responsibility to investigate the violent events of the July 2016 coup attempt and to bring all those responsible to justice. We also recognise that the immediate aftermath of the attempted coup is the type of exceptional circumstance in which a government could legitimately invoke a state of emergency but still has to comply with their human rights obligations.

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UK: Reporter faces threats as regulator fails to protect her from hijab criticism

Threats  |  21.10.2016

Fatima Manji

By Ingrida Milkaite

TV reporter Fatima Manji, a speaker at the ECPMF's 2016 conference in Leipzig, fears further threats after Britain’s press regulator threw out her complaint against The Sun newspaper. Manji, a Muslim woman, reported for Channel 4 News on the deadly terror attacks in Nice, which led to criticism by a commentator in the British newspaper this summer.

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Awards  |  20.10.2016

Mads Haahr

by Mads Haahr – An Essay
They wanted the Young European Federalists Denmark to write about freedom of the press. Yet they did not give them overall freedom to describe freedom of the press. They were therefore confined to a mere one thousand words in their description. So the eternally cantankerous youth pondered how you could ask for a description of freedom of the press and at th … read more

The politicisation of the media over Catalonia

Threats  |  18.10.2016

by Ana Ribeiro

As the Parliament of Catalonia adamantly presses on to pull out of Spain – among other political shakeups in the Iberian country – journalism organisations fear politicians have obtained the power to interfere in the media in a systemic manner.


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Not just banter: Women journalists speak out against sexual harassment

Threats  |  26.09.2016

sexual harassment

by Daria Sukharcuk

"Sexual attacks against journalists have the effect of silencing the messenger and blocking the dissemination of news and information," the Committee to Protect Journalists concluded in its 2011 report. Not much has changed since then; but more women are standing up for the right to do their jobs without being physically or verbally assaulted. … read more

Khadija Ismayilova: not free, but not silent

Threats  |  23.09.2016

Khadija Ismayilova

After 538 days in prison, Azeri investigative journalist Kahdija Ismayilova was freed, but is still facing a probation sentence and a travel ban. The legal actions against the journalists are widely seen as politically motivated. ECPMF supports her case.

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Turkey: Court hears five cases against journalists during one morning in Istanbul

Threats  |  23.09.2016


by Ana Ribeiro and Michelle Trimborn

The ECPMF condemns the re-arrest of journalist Ahmet Altan and stresses the importance of fair trials. Altan's case was one of several media-related ones heard in an Istanbul court on a recent morning.

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Journalism in Turkey: my days in jail after the coup

Threats  |  15.09.2016



The attempted coup of July 15 had a harsh impact on Turkish media and journalists. Via an editorial piece, we hear from Bulent Mumay, one of the journalists arrested in those days and later released.

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Ukraine: freedom of the press jeopardized

Threats  |  09.09.2016



One month after the car bomb that killed journalist Pavel Sheremet, the discovery of Alexander Shchetinin's death. These casualties mark a climate of rising pressure against the Ukrainian press.

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Rio Olympics: German reporter gets police protection after doping revelations

Threats  |  16.08.2016

Screenshot_Hajo Seppelt

By Ana Ribeiro

Hajo Seppelt’s continuing investigation into athletes’ doping practices has posed a potential danger to him during the Olympics in Brazil. The journalist, who works for German broadcaster ARD, has confirmed to Deutsche Welle … read more

Crowdfunding 101: "You need to get the PR machine going way before you launch"

Funding  |  12.08.2016

Jaruslav Vanuch

Interview by Ana Ribeiro

In light of its recent launch and freshly funded projects, ECPMF has caught up with Press Start Project Leader Jaroslav Valuch to talk about what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, how journalists from around the world can make use of Press Start, and a few other related topics.

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Press Start: The first victories in a journalism crowdfunding platform

Funding  |  12.08.2016

Press start

By Ana Ribeiro

After a longer gestation time than expected, Press Start is now up and running. In the first round of crowdfunding via the platform, three out of five journalists - from Macedonia, Armenia and Congo - reached their funding goals within the initial period. 

… read more

LuxLeaks Whistleblower to Appeal the Guilty Verdict

Threats  |  09.08.2016

LuxLeaks Whistleblower to Appeal the Guilty Verdict

Antoine Deltour successfully avoided jail but was found guilty of theft by a court in Luxemburg following the case known as LuxLeaks. This case related to the prosecution of two whistleblowers and a journalist for disclosing confidential documents from auditing firm PwC. The files showed how 340 multinational companies used secret tax deals to avoid paying into the public coffers.

… read more

Greece: journalist in court for calling a Nazi ’a Nazi’

Threats  |  29.07.2016

by Jane Whyatt, research by Prof. George Pleios
Veteran Greek journalist Stratis Balastas has been sued for using the word ’Nazi’ to describe a teacher who boasted on his blog that he is “.proud to be a national socialist“. The teacher Mr Makripulios supports Greece’s banned Golden Dawn far-right party. He had posted an article by Rudolf Hess, who was Hitler’s deputy in World War 2. Makripulios is a teacher at the 6th Gymnasium school on … read more

Turkey: Stop the purge, restore human rights!

Threats  |  28.07.2016

Turkey flag

by Michelle Trimborn

The latest press freedom violation news coming from Turkey has journalists' passports being seized "as a precaution" against suspects. Turkish journalist Yavuz Baydar reports that now in Turkey, the rule is that a journalist is guilty until proven innocent, instead of innocent until proven guilty.

… read more

A month after the fall of the government, right-wing parties remain in control of the Croatian public service, with layoffs and cancellations

Threats  |  26.07.2016

Sloboda trećima

Although the government fell over a month ago (after the main ruling party, the Croatian Democratic Union – HDZ, voted no confidence for Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković), it holds on to its influence on Croatia's public service broadcasting (HRT). Meanwhile, the ideological and politically motivated clean sweep in HRT by HDZ officials is in full swi … read more

Hostwriter offers prizes – and a bed for the night!

Awards  |  15.07.2016

Hostwriter website

by Jane Whyatt
Tracing the transnational journey of a gram of heroin from the field where the poppy grows to the end-user in an European capital is a difficult and dangerous task. It makes a great story. And it shows the power of collaborative journalism – even on a tiny budget.

… read more

Dündar and Gül receive Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media

Awards  |  27.06.2016

Nikolai Säule

by Michelle Trimborn
This year’s “Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” is awarded to Can Dündar and Erdem Gül. The award is sponsored by the Sparkasse Leipzig Media Foundation, ECPMF’s lead partner. The ECPMF has supported both laureates for months in their fight for media freedom in Turkey.

… read more

FoX-Grant: Tell your story about violations of freedom of expression

Funding  |  17.06.2016

In cooperation with its partner organisation, the ECPMF is happy to announce the second call for applications for the FoX-Grant. With € 15.000 in total, the grant wants to enable European journalists to tell their stories about violations of freedom of expression.

… read more

Absolutely Swedish takes top TV prize

Awards  |  24.05.2016

Roman Theatre Plovdiv

by Jane Whyatt in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
A Kurdish comedian has helped Sweden’s SVT to win the Prix CIRCOM 2016 - Europe’s top prize for television journalism – with ‘Absolut Svensk’.

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Awards  |  29.04.2016

ECPMF Young Writers Contest

“One thousand words for freedom“

… read more

Apply: CEI SEEMO Award for young and professional journalists from SEE

Awards  |  22.04.2016

The Central European Initiative (CEI) and the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), in special partnership with the Media Program South East Europe of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), have opened the Call for Applications 2016 of the CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism. The Call is divided into two categories:

… read more

Call for the Busek SEEMO Award 2016

Awards  |  22.04.2016

seemo award

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) calls for nominations for the 2016 Dr Erhard Busek-SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South, Eastern and Central Europe. Eligible to be nominated are journalists, editors, media executives, media experts, writers or journalism trainers in South, East and Central Europe who have contributed to promoting better understanding in the region and have worked towards ending minority-related problems, ethn … read more

#MakeAthensLive: “Getting paid as a journalist in Greece is innovative”

Funding  |  19.04.2016

Make Athens Live

A team of young journalists and photographers is building a new online news service called “AthensLive” to be a good example of independent journalism in Greece. After years of negative headlines about the Greek crisis, they finally want to tell their own story. With a recently launched crowdfunding campaign they want to reach the international audience and make their idea of an independent journalism network come to life. Already they have achieved pledges of almost fifteen thousand euro … read more

Warren Richardson wins World Press Photo of the Year Award

Awards  |  19.02.2016

Prize for photographer who was beaten up by Hungarian police – ECPMF investigates

by Balazs Nagy Navarro, leader of the ECPMF fact finding mission in Hungary
The black and white image of a small baby being passed by refugees under a razor-wire fence on the Hungary-Serbia border at Röszke won the prestigious World Press Photo award for 2015 as the Photo of 2015.

… read more

The first FoX Grant Project is online!

Funding  |  13.01.2016

Screenshot Special Branch Files klein

by Jane Whyatt &  Jennifer Rauch

13th January 2016 marks the launch of the Special Branch Files Project – the first of the projects funded by ECPMF’s Freedom of Expression (Fox) grant offered by the Journalismfund. The website publishes declassified files c … read more

Awards for all - but watch out for the deadlines

Awards  |  08.01.2016

by Philllip Filipovski
The New Year brings a long list of new opportunities to win fame and fortune through journalism, investigations, or even social media. Many of the top prizes have deadlines in January and February. Here are some highlights, and there are many more at the website of our partner organisation

… read more

Press Start: Crowdfunding to crowdfund

Funding  |  16.12.2015

Press Start Campaign web

Michelle Trimborn

Crowdfunding for journalists is not a new invention – but Press Start will give the concept a new twist. Instead of supporting single articles or a whole media outlet, the platform launched by Press Start will give donors the possibility to support single journalists for a series of articles and a period of around four months.

… read more

The Concept of the enemy

ECPMF  |  15.12.2015

The Concept of the enemy

By Martin Hoffmann, ECPMF

The reproach of "lying press" echoes above right-wing demonstrations, through internet boards and publications for a year now. Parallel to the rise of right-wing populist movements that gained strong influence especially in Eastern Germany, journalists at work are attacked more and more frequently. The ECPMF Fact Finding Mission “Lying press” consisted of research into cases that happened in the last year all over Germany, in extended inter … read more

Money for Media: Crowdfunding as panacea?

Funding  |  11.12.2015

Michelle Trimborn

Journalism needs new ways of funding – not only to survive, but also to stay independent. In a new series of articles, the ECPMF will present projects of journalists and their way to fund independent news making.

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Extra application call for by-subject grants

Funding  |  16.10.2015

Extra application

We are pleased to announce an extra application call for 2015. It is a by-subject call, so only applications on specific topics are eligible. The deadline is Wednesday 25 November.


In addition to our regular European cross-border grants, we also have special, by-subject cross-border grants. These are grants reserved for journalism stories on a specific topic. The eligible topics this time around are:

He never wanted to be an activist – the system forced him into it

Awards  |  05.10.2015

Jafar Panahi-teaser

Iranian film-maker Jafar Panahi is one of the winners of the 2014 Prize for Freedom and Future of the Media, awarded by the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig. Panahi is not allowed to give interviews, make films, write screenplays or leave the country since he was sentenced to six years imprisonment for propaganda against the government.


So Jafar Panahi’s representative in Germany Nooshafarin Doostri-Lübbe answers ECPMF’s questions.


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FoX grant – a tough choice for the jury

Funding  |  16.09.2015

Picture for FoX grant story

Eighteen teams of investigative journalists have applied for the Freedom of Expression grant offered by the Journalismfund as part of the ECPMF’s 2015-16 project. They come from thirteen different countries, and they are bidding for a total of 72,007 euros from the fund.


The grant aims to enable teams of reporters working across national borders to document and expose cases where media freedom has been violated, or journalists have been prevented from doing their jobs by … read more

German prize for Poitras – Edward Snowden film-maker wins award for international understanding

Awards  |  15.09.2015

Laura Poitras

The award-winning American documentary film-maker Laura Poitras has been voted the winner of this year’s Marion Donhoff prize, decided by the readers of Die Zeit, Germany’s liberal weekly newspaper.

This latest award from German readers is given annually in memory of Countess Donhoff, one of the founders of Die Zeit. It not a prize for journalism, but for increasing international understanding and reconciliation.


Poitras, who lived until recently in Berlin, film … read more

‘Truth cannot be jailed’

Awards  |  14.09.2015

Leipzig Media Award 2015 - Jafar Panahi and Nedim Sener Muzaffer Kantarci

Leipzig honours independent filmmaker from Iran and investigative journalist from Turkey

Two courageous men from countries where media freedom is severely restricted – Iran and Turkey - are honoured with this year’s Prize for the Freedom and future of the Media, awarded by the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig.

Details will be announced on 8th October during the first annual European Media Freedom Conference held by the European Centre for Pr … read more

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