ECPMF supports Albanian journalist facing €110,000 in damages for social media post

ECPMF  |  20.02.2017

Rama 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

In the latest instance of persecution against his media work in Albania, Artan Rama has been hit with a civil lawsuit demanding that he pay thousands of euros over a text published on his news programme’s Facebook page.

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ECPMF financially supports case of Dutch freelancer thrown out of Turkey

ECPMF  |  09.02.2017

Iraky border

by Ana Ribeiro

One may think that foreign journalists working in Turkey have more protection than local ones, due to diplomatic protocols. That is not necessarily so, as Dutch freelancer Fréderike Geerdink – whose case the ECPMF is supporting – can attest.

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Ireland: time to act on media ownership

ECPMF  |  02.02.2017

Newsocracy flyers 900X600

by Jane Whyatt and Nora Wehofsits

Europe’s media freedom campaigners have sounded a warning over the state of Irish media. At the ECPMF’s Dublin debate #newsocracy2, Dr. Roderick Flynn (Dublin City University) outlined the high-risk factors: abuse of repressive libel laws, concentration of media ownership, and lack of access for minorities to mainstream media.

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Blockchain: From Bitcoin to news

ECPMF  |  02.02.2017


by ECPMF staff

Blockchain, the method behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, allows for the transfer of data in a safe way without any central control point (like banks are for money). It might also pave new ways for journalism.

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#iComment: Journalism organisations join EU fight against hate speech

ECPMF  |  01.02.2017

No Hate_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

In actively putting in mechanisms to quash hate speech in the public sphere, the European Commission (EC) is now funding campaigns by media organisations to educate journalists on how to build a fairer, more ethical narrative on different groups in light of the refugee crisis.

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Balkans in the lead in access to public information

ECPMF  |  12.01.2017

public access

Citizens in several Balkan countries have better access to public information than Germans, Danes and Austrians.

The new Danish government has promised to improve the law about access to public information. There is certainly room for improvement, as Denmark in an international benchmarking is far behind the leading countries. According to an analysis from the Canadian Centre for Law and Democracy we fi … read more

Montenegro: Jovo Martinovic finally released from prison

ECPMF  |  05.01.2017

Jovo Martinovic

ECPMF welcomes the release of investigative journalist Jovo Martinovic. After almost one and a half year in detention, he will appear in court on 19 January 2017.

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#iComment: Germany’s on- and offline crusade against hate speech

ECPMF  |  09.12.2016

Germany Facebook 900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

After cyberhate-related raids last summer, German authorities are pressing on against hate speech, with Justice Minister Heiko Maas perhaps as their most publicly active voice. One of their main targets is Facebook, and their efforts are getting quite a bit of media attention at home and abroad.

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#iComment: Channeling the power of online masses to curb hate speech in Europe

ECPMF  |  01.12.2016

Stop funding Hate

by Ana Ribeiro

The battle over hate speech in the public sphere has reached a new level, as an online initiative hitting British tabloids in their pockets has gone viral and started to yield results. It is one of the movements seeking to cut off supply and demand from the hate wave by mobilising internet users. ECPMF spoke to the campaign’s founder about his aims.

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Quality journalism in times of crises | South East Europe Media Forum 2016

ECPMF  |  01.12.2016

South East Europe Media Forum 2016

By Anna Schmidt, SEEMO, and Michelle Trimborn

More than 400 Editors-in-Chief. media CEOs, media owners, experts and leading journalists from more than 25 countries gathered in Belgrade on 21 and 22 November to participate in this year’s South East Europe Media Forum (SEEMF). The event, organised by the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), Central European Initiative (CEI), South East and Central Europe PR Organisation (SECEPRO), International Institute - Inte … read more

Turkish artist shows one day in the media landscape in Germany

ECPMF  |  28.11.2016

Banu Cennetoglu

by Jane Whyatt and Ana Ribeiro

Most local newspaper publishers do not think of their papers as works of art.

But when “collected, indexed and bound,” they can be “both a unique reference library and an art object in which a day’s news is the material and the subject,” according to Turkish artist Banu Cennetoglu. Contemporary Art Dail … read more

Kaufholz on fake news: “The first job is to learn how to fight lies”

ECPMF  |  23.11.2016

Kaufholz in Belgrad

by Jane Whyatt
ECPMF Chair Henrik Kaufholz has delivered a stirring call for Europe’s journalists to defend the truth. He urges them to challenge and counter the viral spread of fake news with well-researched facts.

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LuxLeaks: ECPMF provides financial support to court appeal by key whistleblower

ECPMF  |  17.11.2016

Antoine Deltour

by Ana Ribeiro

The ECPMF will support the case of French whistleblower Antoine Deltour with €1000, as he appeals his conviction by the Correctional Tribunal of Luxembourg. Deltour is one of three major figures who exposed irregular fiscal practices implicating Luxembourgish authorities, in what became known as LuxLeaks.

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DOK Leipzig: Turkish filmmakers discuss oppression - and engaging in its combat

ECPMF  |  14.11.2016

Protest Turkey Filmmaker at DokLeipzig

By Ana Ribeiro

Five Turkish film experts and directors participated in one of the public “Talk Specials” at this year’s DOK Leipzig, the city’s longest-running film festival. They discussed how filmmakers tackling controversial topics suffer from and navigate the tightening censorship environment in Turkey.

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#iComment: British media tackle comments sections

ECPMF  |  04.11.2016


by Ana Ribeiro

The vote on whether Britain should exit the European Union (notoriously nicknamed “Brexit”) has set off a wave of hate crimes in Britain. It represents the current nadir of a trend involving outspoken discrimination that sometimes goes beyond speech into physical violence. 

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ECPMF and media freedom community demand meeting with Turkish authorities

ECPMF  |  03.11.2016


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has added her weight to the protests from ECPMF and other media freedom organisations about the latest arrests in Turkey.
A coalition of fourteen independent organisations has signed a letter to the Turkish authorities demanding a meeting to urgently discuss the arrests of editors and journalists from the national newspaper Cumhuriyet.

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A tale of two Europes: Public Service Media and societies in transition

ECPMF  |  03.11.2016

Europe divided_900X600

by ECPMF staff

The European continent is still subdivided into two parts, due to the legacy from recent history. Experiences in some Eastern European countries today remind us of the pressing problems regarding Public Service Media (PSM) amid a transformation not yet completed.

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Turkey: State of emergency provisions violate human rights and should be revoked

ECPMF  |  24.10.2016


We, the undersigned organisations, recognise that the Turkish government has the right and responsibility to investigate the violent events of the July 2016 coup attempt and to bring all those responsible to justice. We also recognise that the immediate aftermath of the attempted coup is the type of exceptional circumstance in which a government could legitimately invoke a state of emergency but still has to comply with their human rights obligations.

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The Concept of the enemy

ECPMF  |  15.12.2015

The Concept of the enemy

By Martin Hoffmann, ECPMF

The reproach of "lying press" echoes above right-wing demonstrations, through internet boards and publications for a year now. Parallel to the rise of right-wing populist movements that gained strong influence especially in Eastern Germany, journalists at work are attacked more and more frequently. The ECPMF Fact Finding Mission “Lying press” consisted of research into cases that happened in the last year all over Germany, in extended inter … read more

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