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End impunity: Killers of journalists must be punished

Archive  |  02.11.2016

End impunity

November is a month for remembrance, with All Souls (the Day of the Dead ) and commemorations on Armistice Day for those who died in the two World Wars. There is also a special day for journalists who were killed whilst doing their jobs. These are the ones who were not killed in the heat of battle but murdered in cold blood, in order to silence them and stop their investigations. UNESCO has designated 2nd November as their special day, and ECPMF supports the events held in Rome and Brussels b … read more

In memory of Gavin MacFadyen

Archive  |  24.10.2016

Gavin MacFadyen

We are very sad to announce the death of our friend, the American/British journalist Gavin MacFadyen, 76. He died of lung cancer on Saturday October 22nd 2016. Gavin was member of the ECPMF Supervisory Board and known to many as Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) at Goldsmiths, University of London. At the CIJ, he had the aim to foster in-depth reporting and support investigative journalists who got into threatening situations because of their work.

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Turn the Tide | Fundamental Rights Threatened – What Has to be Done?

Archive  |  10.10.2016


by Henrik Kaufholz
It’s conventional wisdom that mainstream media are in a crisis. Circulation is going down for print media and the audience for main TV news is shrinking as well. As a staff reporter at the national Danish newspaper Politiken, I’m very familiar with this. This summer the editorial staff was cut down, and 25 journalists out of 200 had to leave!

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Word is bond? Fact-checkers raise question mark 

Archive  |  23.09.2016


by Pauline Betche

Media is touted as the check on politicians, public processes and discourses. Being confronted with this high position of functioning as the “fourth estate”, conscientious and professional journalists should report correctly. But in our digital age, this role isn’t always played well.

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Commission pushes for more digital content access but also stricter copyright protection in EU

Archive  |  21.09.2016

Social media and copyright_900X600

By Ana Ribeiro

The European Commission is proposing measures to bring down barriers to accessing digital content across EU member states’ borders. Meanwhile, it is calling for digital publishing to be given similar status under copyright law as traditional broadcasting and record and film productions.

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Refugee women in Germany defy extremists by learning journalism

Archive  |  20.09.2016

Berlin training Saiedet Souria_900X600

By Ola Aljari, ECPMF’s Refugee Journalist

ECPMF’s Ola Aljari interviewed Mohammad Mallak, editor-in-chief of Saiedet Souria magazine, on the theme of giving women practical training and resources to tell their stories. The magazine has been published in the areas not controlled by the Syrian regime since 2014.

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Hungary: prosecutor acts on ECPMF fact finding mission report

Archive  |  16.09.2016

One year after a group of journalists were beaten up and detained by police guarding the Serbian-Hungarian border, the state prosecutor has started a special investigation.

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Letter to Petro Poroshenko - President of Ukraine

Archive  |  13.09.2016

Letter to Poroshenko

Dear Mr. Poroshenko,

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) is concerned about the safety of journalists in your country and we strongly urge you as president to make sure that your government and all its institutions react to threats and violence against journalists.

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A wall to remember: Ossigeno honours journalists killed while doing their jobs

Archive  |  12.09.2016

Ossigeno memorial panel_900X600

by Alberto Spampinato

Ossigeno per l'Informazione has created a wall panel showing the names, ages and faces of the 28 Italian journalists killed because of their work since 1960. It is asking schools, unions and institutions to host it on their premises, open to the public - so that their stories can be made timeless.

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Germany: Documentary examines right-wing AfD's growing popularity

Archive  |  02.09.2016

Made in Germany_900X600

by Ana Ribeiro

On Sunday, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had its state parliamentary elections. As expected, it brought more seats for the AfD at the helm of German politics. A reporter and documentary filmmaker is setting out to try to discover why people in the northern state are voting for the right-wing party.

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ECPMF supports whistleblower Maria Bamieh in legal battle against EU Kosovo mission

Archive  |  26.08.2016

Legal hammer_900X600

by Pauline Betche

After revealing an alleged corruption scandal within the judicial system of Kosovo, Maria Bamieh lost her job. Then she was investigated for a breach of secrecy and now finds herself in a legal battle about the rule of law against the EU Kosovo mission and the UK government. ECPMF supports her case.

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Court refuses request of Kosovo MP to stop publication of wiretapped conversations

Archive  |  18.08.2016


by Ana Ribeiro

Adem Grabovci, the chief in Parliament of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), was denied a court injunction to stop from publishing wiretapped conversations revealing alleged misuse of power. He recently resigned in the midst of a wave of protests in the streets of the capital, Prishtina, in which activists have been demanding … read more

UK: Journalists urge Turkish ambassador to restore human rights

Archive  |  16.08.2016


As more than 70 journalists continue to be detained under the state of emergency, national and international journalists’ trade union leaders have made an official delegation to the Turkish ambassador in London. They carried the banners of the media freedom campaign: ’Journalism is not a crime’

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Syria: citizen journalists film war in 360° virtual reality with Nobel Prize nominees

Archive  |  16.08.2016


by Ola Aljari
For Europeans, it is hard to grasp the daily reality of living in a war zone, or to understand why hundreds of thousands of Syrians risk their lives to seek asylum here. The war is complicated, and has been going on for so long that many TV viewers and newspaper readers experience ‘compassion fatigue’. But citizen journalists in the region are trying new ways to engage the audience, using Virtual Reality (VR).

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#DontSpyJournos: ECPMF supports campaign against new German Intelligence Service law

Archive  |  04.08.2016

Radar station Bad Aibling

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom supports an international campaign which aims to protect non-EU journalists against mass surveillance by the German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst, BND). Coordinated by Reporters without Borders (RSF), different German and international media freedom and human rights organisations jointly speak out to stop the current draft of the law. The draft, which is at present being discussed by the German Bundestag, would allow the … read more

"It was important to tell German children why refugees came and what lay behind them"

Archive  |  29.07.2016

Bestimmt wird alles Gut

Interview by Ola Aljari
Kirsten Boie, German author of more than 60 books for children and teenagers, has recently written down the story of two Syrian refugee children who fled their home town Homs with their family. They came to Germany where they live in a village near Hamburg now. The book called “Bestimmt wird alles gut” (certainly everything will turn out fine) came into being with the help of the refugee children Rahaf and Hassan (nicknames the chil … read more

Letter to the Pope from ECPMF and supporters

Archive  |  25.07.2016

Letter to the Pope

Your Holiness,

We are writing to ask you to use the power of your words to appeal for an end to hate speech. On the occasion of your visit to Poland which includes  - as well as a celebration of youth - a service at the Auschwitz former Nazi death camp, your message could be especially relevant.

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UK: new newspaper launches for pro-EU and ’Bregrexit’ voters

Archive  |  12.07.2016

The European

by Jane Whyatt
In a United Kingdom that is being torn apart by racial hatred and political strife, a new national newspaper has launched. It aims to represent the 18 million people who disagree with the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

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Vatileaks verdict welcomed by media freedom campaigns

Archive  |  12.07.2016

Vatileaks verdict welcomed by media freedom campaigns

by Alberto Spaminato
The so-called  Vatileaks 2 trial shows how, even in a western country that is a member of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) journalists can be accused of serious crime by judges from other countries and must defend themselves in front of foreign courts. They suffer because they have to pay high expenses (often not supported from publishers) to defend themselves. They risk being sentenced to prison even when the prosecu … read more

“Abwab” Arabic-German newspapers to refugees from refugees

Archive  |  08.07.2016


by ECPMF refugee journalist Ola al Jari
“Abwab” is a new newspaper produced, published and distributed in Arabic and German, in Germany. Its name means “Doors” in English and it tries to open the closed doors between refugees and German people by helping both sides to understand each other and  express their concerns towards each other, as well as increasing interaction between the Arabic and German cultures. It is the first newspaper in Germany to be … read more

Poland: publishers and journalists suffer in state advertising switch

Archive  |  07.07.2016

Polish newspaper

by Jane Whyatt
Since the Polish people elected the Law and Justice (PiS) party government in the autumn of 2015, many magazines and newspaper publishers feel they are being censored – not through political interference, but by the decisions of state-owned companies to advertise only in publications that back PiS.

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Media freedom campaigns urge MEPs: ’Don’t forget Poland’

Archive  |  05.07.2016

Don´t forget Poland!

As Members of the European Parliament try to deal with the fallout from the Brexit referendum, ECPMF and its partner organisations are reminding them that Poland remains an important agenda item.

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Brexit: backlash, betrayal and race hate in UK media

Archive  |  28.06.2016

Brexit presscoverage

by Jane Whyatt
Britain’s newspapers, TV and radio show the ugly face of Brexit. A spike in race hate crime is reported, with the Muslim Council of Britain reporting more than 100 incidents in the first three days after the referendum vote to leave the EU.

… read more

Croatia President: "Shaming law should be scrapped"

Archive  |  28.06.2016

Media freedom mission to Croatia

by Jane Whyatt
ECPMF and its partner organisations brought a message of solidarity to Croatian journalist Slavica Lukić, a victim of the country’s controversial “shaming” law. And they won an assurance from the President that the law should be abolished.

… read more

Pope acts to end cover-up of child sex abuse in Catholic church

Archive  |  23.06.2016


by Kira Kirschbach
Pope Francis has strengthened the rules about reporting child sex abuse. Yet in spite of the new attitude, journalists still cannot get a complete picture of the extent and the causes of abuse in church institutions.

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UK: Killing of MP splits BREXIT debate in media

Archive  |  21.06.2016


by Jane Whyatt
Britain’s media are a battleground after the fatal shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox last week. An anti-immigration fanatic is accused of shooting and stabbing her to death. The murder darkened the mood of the referendum campaign. Pro- and anti-EU media accuse each other of lies, propaganda and making political capital out of personal tragedy.

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ECPMF debate: How reporting on refugees influences media freedom

Archive  |  14.06.2016

by Michelle Trimborn
How is the refugee issue covered by media all over Europe? Which problems do journalists face when trying to report on the refugee movement? And which role do the European media play for the refugees themselves? Those and other questions were discussed on 9 June at the Press Club Brussels, where the ECPMF and its partners were inviting journalists and politicians to take part in a public debate on “The truth about refugees – crisis, co … read more

"Politicians won’t change until they are scared" says Nessa Childers in the ECPMF interview

Archive  |  13.06.2016

Interview Nessa Childers, MEP by Jane Whyatt
Nessa Childers is an independent Irish Member of European Parliament. With the support of the ECPMF and the European Federation of Journalists, EFJ, she organised the Newsocracy conference in Dublin on 3 June, asking the question “Who owns the news?” Ms Childers has campaigned for years for press freedom, in Ireland and in the European Parliament.

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(R)Evolution of Europe’s Press: meet us in Poland!

Archive  |  02.06.2016

Revolution of the press

The European Magazine Media Organisation, EMMA, with the support of many international media organisations, invites the European media freedom community to join them for their conference “(R)Evolution of Europe’s Press” in Wroclaw, Poland on 1 July 2016. Also ECPMF is among the supporting organisations and will moderate a panel on the influence of current political developments on press freedom in Europe.

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Foreign media shame Bulgaria’s refugee hunters

Archive  |  26.05.2016

refugee hunter 2

Interview with Vesselin Dimitrov in Sofia, Bulgaria
Gangs of masked young men in camouflage gear, equipped with knives and sticks, are patrolling the frontier in dense forests between Turkey and Bulgaria. They are hunting for refugees, as they have done for months, but now they are less likely to boast about it.

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Brexit poll puts British press freedom to the test

Archive  |  25.05.2016


by Jane Whyatt
Campaigners for Britain to remain in the EU at the upcoming referendum are citing press and media freedom as an important factor.

Posters attacking the multi-national media owner Rupert Murdoch have appeared, claiming “Rupert Murdoch can buy the British government. But not a union of 28 countries”.

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ECPMF findes the refugees that Greece tries to hide

Archive  |  24.05.2016

Tents Athens port by Ola Aljari

by ECPMF Refugee Journalist Ola Aljari
I have been in Greece for two weeks and this was my second visit in two months. Many things have changed in the meantime.
Most of the refugees I met on the first visit were happy and full of hope, in spite of the Greece-Macedonia/ FYROM border being closed and the EU-Turkey deal that was announced a couple of days earlier. They thought that “Europe is the land of freedom and human rights and that it will not let t … read more

"An honest journalist is the most powerful weapon against propaganda"

Archive  |  23.05.2016

Interview by Kira Kirschbach, translation Michelle Trimborn
Oleksandr Chekmyshev is Doctor of Science in Social Communications, Head of the Equal Access Committee, Chief of the monitoring projects at Association "Common Space"

… read more

"Loyalty journalism is a particular kind of propaganda"

Archive  |  20.05.2016

Interview by Kira kirschbach with Valery Ivanov, Professor and President oft he Academy of Ukrainian Press
ECPMF: In your evaluations of Ukrainian journalism in the war you use the term “loyalty journalism”, which you portray as main problem of the current journalism. What is this form of journalism and why does it exist?

… read more

Ukraine moves from state to public broadcasting despite conflict

Archive  |  20.05.2016


by Jane Whyatt
Two years after Ukraine’s Revolution of Destiny, journalists in the emerging public service broadcasting networks have published details of President Poroshenko’s offshore bank accounts. It marks a media freedom milestone, according to Sumy regional TV chief Mikola Chernotytskyi.

… read more

World Press Freedom Day: ECPMF launched international writing competition “One thousand words for freedom”

Archive  |  18.05.2016


(Leipzig) On World Press Freedom Day the ECPMF launched its writing competition “One thousand words for freedom” at the Leipzig International School. The competition is now open until 30th June.

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ECPMF joins global move to protect journalists – especially women

Archive  |  17.05.2016

#wpfd16 cartoon

by Michelle Trimborn
On World Press Freedom Day, ECPMF staff joined the global UNESCO conference in Helsinki. focusing on the right of access to information and the safety of journalists, which is constantly endangered in many ways.

… read more

The BBC White Paper is not bad news at all

Archive  |  17.05.2016

Martin Hoffmann

by Martin Hoffmann
Martin Hoffman is ECPMF’s researcher and an expert on the funding and supervision of public service broadcasting, which is the subject of his PhD research. This is his personal opinion, not the view of the ECPMF.

… read more

Britain moves to curb BBC independence

Archive  |  17.05.2016

Britain moves to curb BBC independence

by Jane Whyatt
Britain’s public service broadcaster the BBC has survived another process of reform without being totally privatised or politicised. New arrangements for the BBC promise a future for the licence fee, protection for the World Service budget and greater diversity in output, reflecting minority ethnic communities and regional differences.

… read more

Is press and media freedom safe in Germany?

Archive  |  13.05.2016

Michael Münz

An interview with Michael Münz, Gustav Stresemann Institute
Michael Münz is a former Deutsche Welle journalist, now AAssistant to the director of the Gustav Stresemann Institute for political education in Bonn. He debated with ECPMF’S Jane Whyatt the state of press and media freedom in Europe at the Medientreffpunkt Mitteldeutschland and defended his views in an interview.

… read more

Attacks on journalists in Germany continue – but we are testing possible solutions

Archive  |  11.05.2016

Pegida 2

by Martin Hoffmann
At least twelve violent attacks, numerous threats and innumerable insults occurred since January 2016 against journalists in Germany. All of them happened at right-wing populist or extremist demonstrations. That indicates journalists in Germany are still heavily under threat as they have been in 2015, especially when reporting from political gatherings. The number of comparable incidents had increased with the rise of populist movements. One … read more

UK: New newspaper folds after only nine weeks

Archive  |  06.05.2016

The New Day End

By Jane Whyatt
Britain’s newest national newspaper is appearing today for the last time. Just nine weeks after its launch (read more) the New Day is closing because it failed to attract enough readers. With an ambitious target of 200,000, the actual circulation peaked at only around 40,000.

… read more

Bulgaria: “The state of press freedom is just terrible”

Archive  |  03.05.2016

Cartoon 2 / Courtesy of Chavdar Nikolov

Tchavdar Nikolov was scrolling through his channel at Vbox – a Bulgarian video sharing portal – when his works started disappearing. Since September 2015, the 57-year-old cartoonist was contributing to the morning show of Nova TV, part of the second biggest media company in Bulgaria Nova Broadcasting Group. In that time he drew 90 cartoons of 15 seconds and all of them have been uploaded into the platform, also owned by Nova Broadcasting Group, pa … read more

Fighting for the right to free media

Archive  |  03.05.2016


by Michelle Trimborn
Together with its partner organisations the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom celebrates World Press Freedom Day –with a reminder that press freedom in Europe is under threat.

… read more

“Why not invite refugees to produce media?”

Archive  |  27.04.2016

Dorothée Hefner_klein

by Vesselin Dimitrov
How do German media report the events during the so called “refugee crisis”? Do they have the right tools to cover the constantly changing events, do they go deep enough to keep the balance when informing – and influencing – the general public and the decision-makers?

… read more

Protests in Macedonia: one more colour for press freedom, please

Archive  |  26.04.2016

By Vesselin Dimitrov
It is a colourful, peaceful fight going on day after day in the Macedonian capital Skopje. Since 13 April tens of thousands of people go out on the street and protest against a corrupt and authoritarian political regime.

… read more

Robert Capa: A war reporter hating the war

Archive  |  26.04.2016

by Kira Kirschbach, translation by Michelle Trimborn
Unfortunately, the topic of war and peace is a timeless one, which is even now very present. An exhibition in Leipzig, Germany, with the utopic title “War is over” shows the art work of Hungarian-American war correspondent and photographer Robert Capa in the house where he shot his famous picture “Last man to die” in A … read more

Guest editor: ECPMF welcomes Vesselin Dimitrov from Bulgaria

Archive  |  22.04.2016

Vesselin Dimitrov Forbes

Vesselin Dimitrov, member of the ECPMF Supervisory Board, will come from Sofia, Bulgaria, to support the staff at the ECPMF headquarters in Leipzig. During the upcoming days, he will work with the editorial staff and share his articles with the ECPMF-community.

… read more

Who's fighting corruption in SE Europe: the media or the police?

Archive  |  19.04.2016

By Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO
Journalists in South East and Central Europe often fill an institutional gap by investigating corruption that is being ignored by state authorities. This includes investigating corruption inside the police force.

… read more

Defending journalists against Mafia in Berlin, Madrid and Strasbourg

Archive  |  15.04.2016

Mafia? Nein, Danke!

by Jane Whyatt, based on an article at the website of Ossigeno per l’informazione
ECPMF’s Italian partner “Ossigeno per l’Informazione (O2)” is taking its fight against threats from the Mafia and other intimidations on tour around Europe.

… read more

#MediafreedomHungary: a united call to defend journalists’ right to do their job

Archive  |  15.04.2016

#MediafreedomHungary: a united call to defend journalists’ right to do their job

ECPMF-chair Henrik Kaufholz gave the starting signal for a Europe-wide action day to raise awareness for press freedom violations in Hungary. First thing in the morning he went to the Hungarian embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, to personally deliver a letter addressed to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

… read more

ECPMF takes action for media freedom in Hungary

Archive  |  14.04.2016


Today ECPMF uses the power of its European network to stand up strongly for media freedom in Hungary. As our follow-up to  our investigation of an incident where journalists’ rights have been violated and where  they have been attacked and detained, we call upon Prime Minister Viktor Orban to react:

… read more

Germany: ECPMF works with police and trade union to prevent attacks on journalists

Archive  |  13.04.2016


by Jane Whyatt, research by Martin Hoffmann

Attacks and verbal abuse against journalists and camera crews have forced some editors to hire private security guards when covering the regular weekly marches by right-wing anti-immigration groups and antifascist counter-demonstrations. Some journalists even refuse to cover the protests, as we reported in the ECPMF Germany fact-finding mission.

… read more

Hungary: time to speak up for press freedom

Archive  |  13.04.2016

Viktor Orbán_klein

By Jane Whyatt, research by Balazs Nagy Navarro and Ljliljana Smailović
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is under fire, with protest letters from ECPMF being delivered to his embassies and consulates across Europe on 14 April.

Our letter calls on him to investigate press freedom violations and defend journalists’ right to cover the refugee crisis.

… read more

Hoaxmap: “A database to look up false rumours and a tool for discussion”

Archive  |  08.04.2016

Interview by Ana Ribeiro and Ola Aljari
The predicament of refugees coming into Europe over the past year has worsened amid the increasing spread of fear and lies about them in the receiving countries’ public sphere. The movement to counter this situation has seen some progress in recent months, however.

… read more

‘Freedom of press in Spain – if you exercise it, you become a target!’

Archive  |  05.04.2016

Susana Sanz Guardo_250

by Jane Whyatt

ECPMF’s newest member is the Spanish whistleblowing platform “Fíltrala” (Spanish for “leak it”), which was launched in April 2014 by the Associated Whistleblowing Press AWP and four local Spanish media organisations. One of its founders Susana Sanz Guardo explains in an interview how the site supports investigative journalism.

… read more

Portugal: Media expert proposes fund to rescue Portuguese press        

Archive  |  30.03.2016

Press Fund_250

by Ana Ribeiro

A veteran Portuguese journalist is calling for a multiple-source fund to help prop up daily reporting and publications in his country.

… read more

ECPMF aims to start dialogue on Pegida attacks

Archive  |  19.02.2016

Willkommen bei der Lügenpresse

By Martin Hoffman
The ECPMF-team is following up its Fact Finding Mission Concept of the enemy, investigating the attacks on journalists in Germany related to the so called "Lying Press-debate". This is an urban myth that dates back to Nazi propaganda in World War II, and symbolises a lack of trust in the media.

… read more

Poland’s new laws dampen the mood for European Capital of Culture

Archive  |  16.02.2016

Wrocław - European Capital of Culture 2016

By Jane Whyatt
Hosting Europe’s Culture Capital for 2016 is an unexpected honour for Wroclaw. It is a provincial city with a troubled history of pogroms and ethnic cleansing that used to be the German town of Breslau.

… read more

ECPMF presents “Lying Press” research to media executives

Archive  |  05.02.2016

Lying Press

As a result of his presentation to the German Parliament, ECPMF researcher Martin Hoffmann was invited by the Federation of German News Publishers to present the results of the Fact Finding Mission “Effects of the Lying Press-debate on the safety of journalists”. The presentation will take place at the conference of the German Federations of News Publishers (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) on the 14th of April at Heiligen … read more

"Lying Press" – German MPs invite ECPMF to discuss threats

Archive  |  15.01.2016

Artikelbild Martin Hoffmann

ECPMF reporter Martin Hoffmann has briefed MPs on the rising number of attacks against journalists, as Germany’s refugee crisis erupts in political violence.

… read more

‘Groping black hand’ picture sparks press freedom debate

Archive  |  12.01.2016

by Jane Whyatt
Two German newspapers are accused of racist and sexist imagery. One has apologised. It follows a large number sex assaults by Middle Eastern asylum-seekers on local women at Cologne station on New Year’s Eve. At least two journalists covering protest events against the asylum policy of German Government have been attacked within a week in Cologne and in Leipzig. This is the latest skirmish in the ongoing war of words, with anti-Muslim groups l … read more

Attacks on journalists: politicians invite ECPMF to experts panel

Archive  |  22.12.2015

Berlin Reichstag klein

Politicians have responded swiftly to an investigation of attacks on journalists by the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom. The research revealed that journalists in Germany face sustained threats from right-wing and left-wing extremists, especially during the regular weekly demonstrations against refugees by PEGIDA in Dresden and similar groups in other cities.

… read more

Leipzig #1212

Archive  |  15.12.2015

press Leipzig1212

Jane Whyatt

Journalists and camera crews defended themselves with gas masks as violence flared and teargas flowed in the streets of Leipzig.  Then came the smoke from burning barricades. Glass bus shelters were smashed and cobblestones ripped up to use as missiles. The camera crews captured it all.

Three far-right anti-immigration groups marched along different routes, with hundreds of police in riot gear keeping them away from the left-wing antifas … read more

The Media Freedom Resource Centre is online!

Archive  |  11.12.2015

Philipp Filipovski

The ECPMF and its partner Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC) developed an open platform to collect and give systematic access to information sources on media freedom topics. The "Media Freedom Resource Centre" was recently launched at OBC’s 15th anniversary conference in Rovereto, Italy.

… read more

Al Jazeera Award nomination for Danish press freedom films

Archive  |  04.12.2015

Jane Whyatt

Tom Heinemann and Erling Borgen’s documentary series celebrating press freedom campaigners has been nominated for the Al Jazeera International Film Festival.

Two short films from the Danish TV documentary series A Heart That Never Dies from 2015 got the nod for the prestigious prize of Best Short at the Al Jazeera International Film Festival, dominated by films from the Middle East. The two episodes chosen for the contest are Swaziland, t … read more

Media freedom mission to Greece presses for libel reform

Archive  |  27.11.2015


Michelle Trimborn

Greece currently faces major restrictions in terms of press freedom, partly due to the economic crisis and legislation, but also because of a complex infrastructure that connects economically powerful media owners to political leadership.


Journalists and photographers have been beaten up by police whilst covering demonstrations, and thousands of media workers have lost their jobs, leading to a significant drop in international press … read more


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