Attacks on journalists: politicians invite ECPMF to experts panel

Politicians have responded swiftly to an investigation of attacks on journalists by the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom. The research revealed that journalists in Germany face sustained threats from right-wing and left-wing extremists, especially during the regular weekly demonstrations against refugees by PEGIDA in Dresden and similar groups in other cities.

Berlin Reichstag Berlin Reichstag (Photo: Cezary Piwowarski, Berlin reichstag CP, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full details of the investigations here:
Martin Hoffmann, the ECPMF researcher who led the Fact Finding Mission on “Lying Press“ - debate and attacks on journalists in Germany has been invited to join a panel of experts to discuss the issue in the Bundestag (German Parliament).

Together with ZDF TV reporter Britta Hilpert, who chairs Reporters without Borders Germany, Karola Wille, director of MDR (First German Television for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia), Jaafar Abdul Karim, a reporter  with Deutsche Welle, Frank Überall, head of  the DJV Journalists Association of Germany, and Tom Strohschneider, editor-in-chief of Neues Deutschland, they will discuss the latest developments

The  meeting, which has been initiated by the Bundestag Committee for Culture and Media, will take place on January 13th 2016 and journalists are invited to join in and to cover the event.

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