ECPMF takes action for media freedom in Hungary

Today ECPMF uses the power of its European network to stand up strongly for media freedom in Hungary. As our follow-up to  our investigation of an incident where journalists’ rights have been violated and where  they have been attacked and detained, we call upon Prime Minister Viktor Orban to react:

We are asking you to initiate a thorough investigation of the assault and to bring to justice those responsible for the violation of press freedom and for violating the personal integrity of the media workers who were assaulted.”

With our social media action day, we ask the European press freedom community to join us, to shake up the Hungarian government with one loud voice.

To support us, tweet about the action with our hashtag #MediafreedomHungary and publish our letter to Viktor Orban in your networks.

ECPMF supporters are delivering the letter personally to many Hungarian embassies and consulates all over Europe. Follow us on Twitter and see pictures of the action here (the article will be regularly updated):

Letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orban:

download in English

download in Hungarian

Statement of Ljiljana Smailović, ECPMF board member and President of the Journalists’ Association of Serbia:

The violence that Hungarian police directed towards journalists is unforgivable. Jovana Durovich and her colleagues from Belgrade Television had given notice to police officers, in both Hungarian and English, that they were professional reporters simply trying to bear witness to what was happening at the border that day. It was a classic case of punishing the messenger.“

Liljana was part of the ECPMF-fact finding mission to Hungary in autumn 2015.

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