Guest editor: ECPMF welcomes Vesselin Dimitrov from Bulgaria

Vesselin Dimitrov, member of the ECPMF Supervisory Board, will come from Sofia, Bulgaria, to support the staff at the ECPMF headquarters in Leipzig. During the upcoming days, he will work with the editorial staff and share his articles with the ECPMF-community.

Vesselin Dimitrov Forbes Vesselin Dimitrov

Usually Vesselin Dimitrov, 33, works as journalist in Bulgaria. He started early to build his career: at the age of 12 he joined the monthly school programme of the Bulgarian National Radio. A few years later, he became part of Darik Radio, the biggest private radio station in the country. Concentrating more on business journalism, he first worked for Capital, an influential business weekly, and now holds the position of the deputy editor-in-chief of Forbes Bulgaria. On the Bulgarian National TV, he even was TV show host – but was demanded to leave as he asked too many inconvenient questions.

Vesselin studied journalism and media management in Germany and as correspondent in Bulgaria for DER SPIEGEL, SPIEGEL Online and SPIEGEL TV as well as for other international media.

One of his aims is to pass on his journalistic passion to the young generation as he is working to create a Balkan network of school media. And: he is a press freedom advocate. Besides being on the board of ECPMF, he explains to people why they absolutely need to care about press freedom, for example in lectures or in TEDx talks:

The ECPMF is happy to welcome Vesselin Dimitrov in the Leipzig office and is looking forward to share his stories and insights (not only) on the state of media freedom in Bulgaria

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