In memory of Gavin MacFadyen

We are very sad to announce the death of our friend, the American/British journalist Gavin MacFadyen, 76. He died of lung cancer on Saturday October 22nd 2016. Gavin was member of the ECPMF Supervisory Board and known to many as Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) at Goldsmiths, University of London. At the CIJ, he had the aim to foster in-depth reporting and support investigative journalists who got into threatening situations because of their work.

Gavin MacFadyen Gavin MacFadyen (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

Before he founded the CIJ in 2003, he built a career as director and producer of investigative documentaries. In recent years, he focused on the facilitation and protection of whistleblowing. Within the ECPMF he was a highly respected figure who campaigned tirelessly for better co-operation between journalists and the technology community.

Gavin MacFadyen was a leading spirit in creating networks of investigative journalists not only in Britain but on a global scale. He was an inspiration to his students, colleagues and the whole media and media freedom community. He was always creative and a good story teller, an inspiring advocate of excellence in journalism.

Gavin was a pillar of the international investigative ecosystem that has grown over the last two decades. After his own stellar carreer in documentary journalism, he trained and guided a generation of reporters in holding powers to account. He will be greatly missed, for the fierce reporting he did, but perhaps even more for the generosity with which he shared his skills. Personally, I will miss his gravelly voice, his laugh and the energy that he brought to every meeting, classroom or conference hall. Journalism has lost a giant." (Margo Smith)

We will miss him.

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