ECPMF and media freedom community demand meeting with Turkish authorities

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has added her weight to the protests from ECPMF and other media freedom organisations about the latest arrests in Turkey.
A coalition of fourteen independent organisations has signed a letter to the Turkish authorities demanding a meeting to urgently discuss the arrests of editors and journalists from the national newspaper Cumhuriyet.

Cumhuriyet-photo (photo: Hüseyin Aldemir)

The journalists can be sure of our solidarity“

said Mrs Merkel.

Can Dündar Can Dündar, Cumhuriyet’s former Editor-in-Chief takes part in solidarity action to free Turkey journalists (photo: ECPMF/Lamm)

She was responding to criticism from Can Dündar, Cumhuriyet’s former Editor-in-Chief. Dündar now lives and works in Germany, where he has been honoured with the Leipzig Prize for Freedom and Future of the Media. With the ECPMF and all the other laureates, Dündar has already taken part in solidarity actions. He reacted strongly to the arrest of his successor at Cumhuriyet, Murat Sabuncu, and columnist Kadri Gürsel.
And in Turkey readers of Cumhuriyet staged a demonstration outside the newspaper office, demanding the right to information. One hundred and thirteen journalists have been jailed in Turkey since the coup attempt in July.