Crowdfunding 101: "You need to get the PR machine going way before you launch"

Funding  |  12.08.2016

Jaruslav Vanuch

Interview by Ana Ribeiro

In light of its recent launch and freshly funded projects, ECPMF has caught up with Press Start Project Leader Jaroslav Valuch to talk about what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, how journalists from around the world can make use of Press Start, and a few other related topics.

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Press Start: The first victories in a journalism crowdfunding platform

Funding  |  12.08.2016

Press start

By Ana Ribeiro

After a longer gestation time than expected, Press Start is now up and running. In the first round of crowdfunding via the platform, three out of five journalists - from Macedonia, Armenia and Congo - reached their funding goals within the initial period. 

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FoX-Grant: Tell your story about violations of freedom of expression

Funding  |  17.06.2016

In cooperation with its partner organisation, the ECPMF is happy to announce the second call for applications for the FoX-Grant. With € 15.000 in total, the grant wants to enable European journalists to tell their stories about violations of freedom of expression.

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#MakeAthensLive: “Getting paid as a journalist in Greece is innovative”

Funding  |  19.04.2016

Make Athens Live

A team of young journalists and photographers is building a new online news service called “AthensLive” to be a good example of independent journalism in Greece. After years of negative headlines about the Greek crisis, they finally want to tell their own story. With a recently launched crowdfunding campaign they want to reach the international audience and make their idea of an independent journalism network come to life. Already they have achieved pledges of almost fifteen thousand euro … read more

The first FoX Grant Project is online!

Funding  |  13.01.2016

Screenshot Special Branch Files klein

by Jane Whyatt &  Jennifer Rauch

13th January 2016 marks the launch of the Special Branch Files Project – the first of the projects funded by ECPMF’s Freedom of Expression (Fox) grant offered by the Journalismfund. The website publishes declassified files c … read more

Press Start: Crowdfunding to crowdfund

Funding  |  16.12.2015

Press Start Campaign web

Michelle Trimborn

Crowdfunding for journalists is not a new invention – but Press Start will give the concept a new twist. Instead of supporting single articles or a whole media outlet, the platform launched by Press Start will give donors the possibility to support single journalists for a series of articles and a period of around four months.

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Money for Media: Crowdfunding as panacea?

Funding  |  11.12.2015

Michelle Trimborn

Journalism needs new ways of funding – not only to survive, but also to stay independent. In a new series of articles, the ECPMF will present projects of journalists and their way to fund independent news making.

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Extra application call for by-subject grants

Funding  |  16.10.2015

Extra application

We are pleased to announce an extra application call for 2015. It is a by-subject call, so only applications on specific topics are eligible. The deadline is Wednesday 25 November.


In addition to our regular European cross-border grants, we also have special, by-subject cross-border grants. These are grants reserved for journalism stories on a specific topic. The eligible topics this time around are:

FoX grant – a tough choice for the jury

Funding  |  16.09.2015

Picture for FoX grant story

Eighteen teams of investigative journalists have applied for the Freedom of Expression grant offered by the Journalismfund as part of the ECPMF’s 2015-16 project. They come from thirteen different countries, and they are bidding for a total of 72,007 euros from the fund.


The grant aims to enable teams of reporters working across national borders to document and expose cases where media freedom has been violated, or journalists have been prevented from doing their jobs by … read more


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