Research defines risks to media integrity

How to define media integrity, and what puts it at risk? The SEE Media Observatory explains the issue in a new brochure, available in 6 languages

Media-Integrity-matters_coverSEE Media Observatory stands for media integrity and journalism in the public interest. To present its media integrity analytical framework, developed through the 2013/2014 "Media Integrity Matters" research project, the Observatory has published a brochure in six languages.
It defines media integrity and lists four areas of risk:

  • media policy development and implementation;
  • media structures – media ownership,
  • media finances and public service broadcasting;
  • journalists and journalistic/media practices.

The brochure "Media integrity matters – Understanding the meaning of and risks to media integrity" is published in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Macedonian and Serbian languages.

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