Forbes Russia: staff revolts against removal of article

The ECPMF is concerned about the editorial independence at Forbes magazine Russia. Editors are protesting against their own publisher as they accuse him of removing a critical article from the print version.

Forbes Russia Website of Forbes Russia (screenshot)

"Financial Times“, "Moscow Times“ and an ECPMF source report that Forbes Russia is in danger of losing its editorial independence. An investigative article on the business of Dagestani billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov was removed from the magazine just before it was about to go to press.

Publisher Alexander Fedotov justified the article's removal with the fear of being sued. The staff protested against this measurement accusing Fedotov of censorship. The editors also objected the dismissal of their editor-in-chief and wrote a letter about the conflict to the Forbes Group in the US.

"After the move, the publisher and license holder of the magazine, ACMG, which belongs to businessman Alexander Fedotov, blocked the editorial team from the website, cut off their office's electricity and hired a successor from Playboy magazine," it says in "The Moscow Times".

Henrik Kaufholz, Chair of the ECPMF Executive Board, comments: 

The ECPMF is concerned about the temporary close-down of Russian Forbes Magazine. We ask the owner to fully respect the independence of the editorial work and the critical nature of investigative journalism. Russia needs more, not less, quality journalism as Forbes provided it for a long time."

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