Italy: Female journalists attacked with hate speech for writing about sexism

By DB, Ossigeno per l'informazione

Nine journalists and authors who signed  magazine articles that describe episodes of gender-based and sexual violence  have been attacked via email and on Facebook.

L'Espresso and Machismo "Messages loaded with heavy criticisms and sexist insults"

The cover story in “L’Espresso“ magazine carried the headline ”Tremble, tremble, the males are returning” (“Tremate, tremate, i maschi sono tornati”). It appeared on Sunday, July 16, 2017, and the special edition included a number of articles that denounce the return of male chauvinism to point the finger at sex discrimination, authoritarianism and gender violence. The dossier has not gone unnoticed. The authors (all female) have been repeatedly insulted with messages sent by email and with posts on Facebook. It was made known by a newsroom staff article published of the weekly’s website on July 17 (read).

The dossier was signed by nine authors, including journalists, writers and scholars: Natalia Aspesi, Federica Bianchi, Manuela Cavalieri, Francesca Mannocchi, Sabina Minardi, Donatella Mulvoni, Valeria Parrella, Chiara Saraceno, Gayatri Spivak.

“Stupid hens are generalising“

Some male readers have sent messages to the newsroom staff email inbox and posted on the Facebook page of the weekly edited by Tommaso Cerno (watch), messages loaded with heavy criticisms and sexist insults. “I demand an immediate apology from the stupid hens that generalize against men because of their personal frustrations”, “You all deserve to be fired, you feminists who wrote such sewage” are some of the messages directed against the authors, who are also “advised” to set themselves on fire and to “go darn a sock”.

This article appeared first on the website of ECPMF partner organisation Ossigeno per l’informzione

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