“Lying press“: prosecutors to probe attacks researched by ECPMF

by Martin Hoffman

The Green Party of Saxony, Germany, urges judiciary and police to do more to protect journalists. The Interior Ministry of the State will order the investigation of more cases of attacks on journalists.

The Concept of the enemy ECPMF-fact finding mission in Germany investigating attacks on journalists during right-wing populist events shows an increasing danger.

Better late than never: the Interior Ministry of the State of Saxony has now announced it will order the prosecution officers to investigate another 17 cases of journalists who have been attacked. Only a small minority of the attacks on journalists in 2015 and 2016 have so far been investigated by the prosecution offices. The MEP of Saxony, Valentin Lippmann (Green Party), had started an inquiry based on the ECPMF-research “Concept of enemy II” addressed to the ministry. ECPMF researchers have collected the biggest data base of verified attacks on journalists, which are connected to the “lying press” allegations made by right-wing populists in Germany.

In a further development, the researchers concluded that most of the attacks have not been prosecuted by security authorities, due to different reasons. One is the work-overload of the prosecution offices. Also police often did not intervene in the attacks nor did they identify potential attackers. ECPMF-factchecker Martin Hoffmann welcomes the initiative: “This is really necessary to show that these extreme attacks in the environment of rightwing-populist and rightwing-extremist demonstrations are not just perceived to be a normal side effect. But I think it will be a very difficult task for the investigators to identify the attackers in a way that they could be convicted, as the situations at these demonstrations were very chaotic.”

The ECPMF researchers had concluded that journalists working in Saxony were much more badly  affected by the attacks than those in other regions of Germany.


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