The South East Europe Media Organisation is surprised that the long-serving journalist Boris Pavelic was informed yesterday that his contract with the daily Novi list will be cancelled. A month earlier, another journalist, Drazen Ciglenecki, was removed on reporting about a certain politician.

Of course in every private company the owner has the right to decide who will be a staff member and what the staff has to do. However, it is important, that the work of the journalists is free, with no pressure from the owners: It is not good, if journalist has a feeling, that there is an change in the position or that someone is losing a job, because of the reporting.

Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO secretary general said.

Only one week earlier, the daily Slobodna Dalmacija ended the co-operation with well known columnist Boris Dezulovic, who was also a former editor of the satirical magazine Feral Tribune.

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