Words matter - "Free European Media 2018" the book is out

Media freedom is under threat, also in Europe. State leaders and politicians in the frontline must  unconditionally support freedom of the media as a prerequisite for free speech. After the Gdansk Free European Media conference this book was born, telling the story of why words matter. Free download!

Malta The field where Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated in Malta (photo: Iris Rohmann)

The book combines twelve chapters on the state of press and media freedom in various parts of Europe, from Malta to Spain to Azerbaijan. It is a reminder that we cannot take our fundamental rights for granted, that we constantly have to protect press freedom, that we need better mechanisms for journalists safety and that we have to keep the dialogue open with governments and parliaments to develop mutual understandings for our human rights.

The conference at the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk was hopefully the beginning of a process for improving our freedom and our democracies. Besides the 12 country-chapters you will find a preface and the recommendations from the Gdansk conference.

Free European Media book 2018 is published by Free European Media, European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Nordic Journalism Centre (NJC).

Free European Media Book Free European Media 2018 BOOK

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